Promedica Clinic, P.C.

COVID-19 Safety Statement

We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are following guidelines outlined by CDC, WHO and Tennessee Department of Health. Our commitment to our patients, staff and community is our highest concern. Our clinic is daily cleaned and sanitized to prevent harboring the virus. We are equipped with masks, anti-bacterial soaps, hand sanitizers and protective clothing. 

In an effort to prevent the spread of the virus, we are requesting that if you are symptomatic with fever, cough, shortness of breath or trouble breathing that you first contact your primary care provider for evaluation. If you do not have a pcp, our sister clinic, Care Memphis Clinic, is available for assessment ( If symptoms are severe, please present to the ER. If you have been exposed to another individual with COVID, the recommended self-quarantine is 14 days. 

If symptoms are present and you are scheduled for physical therapy treatments, please call us to reschedule your treatments. We offer Telemedicine so if you are symptomatic, we can still schedule the medical provider visits while you are quarantined. 

Please remember that this is a contagious disease. The best prevention is social distancing up to 6 feet, covering cough and frequent hand washing. Information arrives daily and we continue to monitor the situation and make accommodations so that we all are safe and healthy. This is a challenging time for all of us and please do not hesitate to call us (901) 526-7695. We are in this together.